The Bigfork Gun Club is affiliated with the United States Practical Shooting Assn. (USPSA),






​       Cost will be $15.00 for club members and $20.00 for non-members.   If it’s your first shoot with                     us the fee is only $5.00.
Set up will be at 7:30 AM.   Walk on registration at 9:00 AM.   Mandatory safety meeting at 9:30 AM  

     The fun begins at 10:00 AM.   For those who come set up, we will knock $5.00 off your Entry fee.                         This will give you the advantage of knowing the courses a little more intimately.    

     We usually finish between 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM  

 You can squad with people of your ability or your friends. Assistance and coaching will be available if you desire. We encourage women and kids to come and learn this fast growing sport. All you need is a gun, holster, and 35+ rounds of magazines, Ear and eye protection.

If you have not shot a USPSA match the rules are very simple. If you can see the target…shoot it. Stay within the shooting areas and keep you firearm pointed down range. That’s easy. Check out their website at

This is a community effrort. Without the help of its members these events cannot take place. Please bring your friends and family. Make a commitment to assist us in keeping these great sporting events happening.

About Practical Shooting:

Practical Shooting attempts to measure the ability to shoot rapidly and accurately with a full power handgun, rifle, and/or shotgun. Those three elements - speed, accuracy, and power - form the three sides of the practical shooting triangle. By design, each match will measure a shooter's ability in all three areas.

To do this, shooters take on obstacle-laden shooting courses (called stages) requiring anywhere from six to 30+ shots to complete. The scoring system measures points scored per second, then weights the score to compensate for the number of shots fired. If they miss a target, or shoot inaccurately, points are deducted, lowering that all-important points-per-second score.

If shooting has an "extreme" sport, USPSA-sanctioned practical shooting is it. Competitors move, negotiate obstacles, run, speed-reload, and drive their guns through each of several courses as fast as their skills will allow.

Come on out and give it a try, or just watch the matches.

Practical Shooting Sports

Please come out and join the fun.

Bring as many new shooters as you can.

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    (United States Practical Shooting Association)