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2014 High Power Rifle Match Schedule: 
April May June July Aug Sept Oct
Cancelled 3 7 5 2 6 4

NOTE:  April match cancelled for Hunter Safety Field Day


Matches are held on the FIRST SATURDAY starting in APRIL, finishing in September.

Safety Meeting / Set up is at 9:30 AM (Help appreciated)

Shooting Starts at 10:00 AM - generally finishes by 1:00 PM

Fee:  $10.00

You need a rifle and 34 rounds; spotting scopes are helpful and a functioning sling is highly useful. 


Click on the image below for an action video:
(requires "Quick Time Player" and may take 2 minutes to load - but I think you will enjoy it.)

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Also taught is basic rifle safety and handling.


For up-to-date information Contact L.D. Gross at (406) 837-6800. 
(NOTE: L. D. has 5th ring voice mail),  or Tom Gash (406) 837-6052.


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