The Bigfork Defensive Pistol matches will be using the IDPA rule book, except for some equipment requirements.   There will be no affiliation with the IDPA'S sanctioning organization.

If there are stages you would like to see please let me know.  These are the two links to web sites that some of the stages come from.            


2014   Match Schedule:     
April May June July August September October
12 10* 14 12* 9 13* 11


*Special notice:

The May, July, and September matches will have one "blind stage" that must be shot with your carry gun, carry holster/gear, and carry ammunition.  This will be the only stage/course of fire to shot with this gear and will be a reduced round count between 5-12 rounds.  There will be no reduced power ammunition allowed for this one stage/course of fire.


Does the word competition or feeling like you have to practice before shooting with us keep you from coming out?     Don't let this concern you.   

15 - reasons to come shoot with us:

1.  This is defensive practical training for concealed carry or defensive situations.
2.  Will build skill and confidence in your ability.
3.  Learn and develop advanced gun handling skills.
4.  The only requirements are to be safe & have fun.
5.  No one will make fun of you or put you down.
6.  We will be glad to assist you in not only how to shoot the match, but in the practical application of our sport  to your daily life.
7.  We welcome women.  Women comprise a healthy percentage of all first-time handgun buyers in  the U.S.     Women - bring your men with you.
8.  First match with us is free.
9.  Receive non-critical advice on improving your handgun skills (if you want it).
10. Learn new defensive techniques.
11. See other defensive handguns and shoot them.
12. See an array of defensive carry gear.
13. Meet new people who have a passion for shooting.
14. You can come and observe for free (just bring eye and ear protection).
15. If you want to come and participate, but don't have the gear, contact the Match Director.


Setup begins at 0730.

Safety Meeting starts at 0900.  You must attend the safety meeting to shoot.
           (Shooters arriving after 0915 will be an observer for the day.)

The fee per five stage match is $15.00.  If you help with setup AND take down the fee is $10.00.   Everyone is requested to bring exact change for the match.

NOTE: A change for the format is that we will allow .22 LR or .22 WMR in the match.  Ammo is expensive and not very available, so bring the handgun you want to use.  If you have input for a Course of Fire, please notify the Match Director below.

First time shooters shoot free.
Thanks for your participation and Be Safe.

For more information contact:

Will Parker  email:


Click on the image below for an action video:
(requires "Quick Time Player" and may take 2 minutes to load - but I think you will enjoy it.)

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April 12, 2014  Match

Shooter Name

Div Class Raw Time Points Penalties Total Score Special
Will P SSP SS 72.08 15.00 0.00 87.08 0
Robert H SSP SS 89.46 15.50 0.00 104.96 0
Dave W ESP SS 78.71 23.50 10.00 112.21 0
Jack S SSP MM 107.60 18.00 6.00 131.60 0
Kerry J SSP SS 132.80 9.00 0.00 141.80 0
James D SSP NV 131.31 24.50 0.00 155.81


Dave J SSP MM 140.43 21.50 0.00 161.93


Brian C SSP NV 147.63 45.50 5.00 198.13


Kyle N CDP SS 180.00 15.50 11.00 206.50 0
Rob C SSP NV 147.90 55.50 5.00 208.40 0
Jim D CDP NV 131.86 66.50 17.00 215.36 0
Kent G SSP NV 156.98 49.50 10.00 216.48 0
Ronald A SSP MM 201.47 23.50 10.00 234.97 0
Leslie J SSP MM 201.17 34.50 15.00 250.67


Charles M SSP SS 254.49 43.50 13.00 310.99



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